Making Informal Performance Management Work in the Workplace

Employees like the concept but have concerns about how it's implemented. Learn how to make a culture of continuous feedback a reality.

IDG perf mgt white paper

HR leaders are listening closely to their workforce—and now more than ever employees want consistent feedback on how they’re doing. That’s why companies of all sizes are shifting to more informal performance management practices, replacing the annual performance review with ongoing feedback and coaching.

However, according to a new survey by IDG, two out of three managers say they need more “coaching and feedback” training and 64% of employees say they would benefit from a better understanding of the program’s goals.

Creating a culture of continuous feedback is a significant shift for most organizations, and it requires a new approach to employee communications. Check out this whitepaper to get the latest IDG survey results and learn how campaign-style communications can help your organization drive employee adoption. Also learn:

  • What employees, managers, and HR leaders really think about informal performance management
  • What’s driving the change in performance management and the challenges companies face when implementing new programs
  • How a campaign-based employee communication strategy can help you avoid pitfalls when implementing a new approach

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