Connect Your Enterprise

Keep Employees Connected, Informed and Productive

Keeping the enterprise connected has always been important, but the expanding health crisis has created a new paradigm that places incredible demands on effective employee communication.

Informing your employees about process and policy modifications requires consistent, clear and frequent updates. For more information about managing in a crisis, read our paper, from CEO Keith Kitani.

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  • COVID-19 Communication Journey with GuideSpark Communicate Cloud® platform (Free until August 31st):

    Ongoing crisis communications are critical during these times of extreme change. This communication journey allows you to quickly manage and measure all your COVID-19 communications in a single place. You can quickly customize messages for different employee groups, direct them to the right resources and most importantly, measure which communications are getting through to which employee groups.

  • Health Program Communication Journey (75% discount through August 31st):

    Help your employees FEEL safe and healthy with this Health Program Communication Journey. During this pandemic, there is a heightened need to ensure employees know and understand the health and wellness programs available to them – from basic health insurance and wellness to emergency care and EAPs. Customized to your specific programs this communication journey provides an ongoing experience to engage employees with the services offered by your company.

Health & Wellness Communicate Journey

The Health & Wellness Communicate Journey is designed to navigate employees through the health-related services and programs provided by your organization. It includes:

  • Pre-built Communication Campaign

    Multi-channel delivery (email, SMS, intranet) with customized messages and experiences targeted to specific employee groups for drip delivery.

  • Engaging Consumer-Grade Content Experience

    Customized content experiences configured to your specific health programs and plans. Integrate existing content and resources, and leverage GuideSpark's core health library of 75+ videos, infographics and documents.

  • Communication Analytics & Integration

    Use quantitative and qualitative metrics to iterate journeys to improve employee engagement. Integrate polls & ratings to gather employee sentiment. Seamlessly integrates into your existing communication infrastructure.